Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Tagged by Dots

A - Available or Single

B - Best friend
Dots and a few others

C - Cake or Pie

E - Essential Item
Phone and laptop

F - Favorite color

G - Gummi bears or worms
Who would choose worms?? Gummi bears!

H - Hometown

I - Indulgence
Chips + 7up + TV Show

J - January or February

K - Kids
Love them! Can't wait to have my own

L - Life
Test of patience

M - Marriage
Determined by fate, and is a part of life

N - Number of Siblings
6 (including me)

O - Oranges or Apples

P - Phobias
Don't think so... maybe normal fear of heights

Q - Favorite Quote
No favorite

R - Reason to Smile
Seeing my actions have a very successful effect on others

S - Season

T - Tag three other people
Three? Dots tagged MD already so I guess:
I Have A Dream
(I'm not particularly popular in the blogosphere :p )

U - Unknown Fact About Me
I tend to daydream and smile a lot by myself. Once a professor wrote this as a comment to a paper of mine:
"Keep up the good work; and why do you always seem to be laughing at me—or something else—when nobody else is? I don’t mind, but it is interesting."

V*W - Worst Habit

X*Y - Your Favorite Food
Watermelons, noodles, sandwiches, some pasta, apples...

Z - Zodiac