Monday, August 27, 2007

A Measure of Love

I once heard that in all relationships, there always has to be someone who loves the other person more.
I sincerely hope that it's not me...

Which one do YOU think you are in your relationships?

Is it even possible to love each other the same "amount"...?
There's always the gardener and the flower in relationships... Have I always been a gardener? Being a flower sure feels nice, though.

I've tried being in a relationship within that construct that the active work of the relationship ebbs and flows between the two individuals. I don't know if two people can be at the exact same level at all times. One being the giver and the other the receiver; it should flow. It's the best kind to be honest, and makes the two individuals extremely happy.

I can honestly say, though, that I haven't really experienced being the "flower" so to speak, just probably the "gardener", or the flowing relationship.
I hope I'm wrong about this though...