Monday, October 02, 2006

Would You Like a side of Fatwa's With that Burger?

Buy your own fatwa in India for as little as $22.

Read all about the story here...
I can think of many fatwa's that I'd love to buy ;)


dots.. said...

stewa il deen sel3ah ? hazolat !

dots.. said...

wain il ayam ili kan feeha a7ad il tab3een ysafir men il sham lain il madeeneh il monawarah bas 3ashan yab'3i a7d a97ab il rasool aw one of the biggest scholars ineh yafteeleh fi amr ho kan SHAK feeh.. mb ba3ad ma kan y3arf il fatwa.. kan yshik feeha..

btw.. please dont stop blogging.. !

Seraph said...

dont worry i wont stop :p inshallah

et3arfeen i had the same thoughts! people used to be so picky about what they should believe in those days and now you can buy such holy statements?!! wth?

Anonymous said...

I always joked about my friend having her own muftee to issue Fatawee as she likes!