Saturday, February 03, 2007


Don't you hate having to wait for four to six hours for your PC to download a movie or tv show that you really want to watch? P2P programs, like Limewire, Bittorrent and Azureus usually take a few hours before the entire file is downloaded onto your system.

I have a solution for you. If, like me, you're tired of waiting, Peekvid is the solution for you.
You don't have to wait. Click on the movie you want to watch and it will show it to you on a full screen. It usually comes in parts, but it's okay. If you have a DSL connection, then it's perfect for you.

I love it.

(watch Little Mosque on the Prairie in TV shows. It provides an interesting perspective of Muslims living in the West.)


DoTs... said...

now this is something exciting.. !

(finally you updated !!!!)

will come back later to read the previous post with my popcorn :D

I Have a Dream said...

hehe oh yeah the canadian show is funny and weirdo : p

thanks for the website..

ps. mashallah your age never moves from 18 (in ur profile loool ops

Practical Utopian said...

i knew u'd like it dots
make some popcorn for me too, make sure it has no caramel or ketchup or whatever weird thing u wanna add :p (kaifi)


i have a dream
lol i'll be 19 in june inshallah, 5 months! u know how these things go, the age only moves after a year passes by :p
i thought the canadian show was weird too. i didnt like some things in it either

I Have a Dream said...

for some reason my age moves like 1000000 times per yr

Practical Utopian said...

lol, the concept of age is lost on you