Saturday, April 28, 2007

Political Correctness

Politically correct people irriate and frustrate me, especially when I don't realize that they were able to trick me with their political correctness, or "PC".


Q: "Do you believe me?"
A: "It doesn't matter what I think as the circumstances force me to take such an action against you."

Q: "Are you ok?"
A: "Well I don't think of things as being ok or not anymore I just believe in adapting to the reality of the situation and living with it and moving on."

Q: "Will you stop animal testing?"
A: "We will definitely work on changing policies to satisfy public needs."

Q: "Where were you?"
A: "I was -insert mundane, boring details on everyday routine things trying to make it sound like your day is filled while it really wasn't-."

PC person: "He's an economically challenged man who is currently between jobs cause he has an attention deficit."
Real person: "He's unemployed and poor cause of his bad behavior."

PC person: "She just has an alternative body image."
Real person: "She's fat."

PC person: "Don't blame him, he's just emotionally different."
Real person: "He's crazy."

PC person: "It's in the early stages of finalisation."
Real person: "I didn't finish it yet."


I was pretty close to studying politics. Ironic.

Keep it simple and straight people!

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