Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Quandry of the Lonely Blogger

I read an interesting post that I want to share:

“Let’s say you write this awesome entry - you research, you dissect your sources, you analyze, and you write a most stellar entry that you feel really shows your abilities as a writer. You check your email obsessively for the next couple of days waiting, waiting for the comments that are bound to flood your inbox. Only nothing comes, just some junk mail from the newsletter you signed up in class last month and a service promising to boost your penis size.

The next day you write an entry about how your dog Lucky just knocked over your aloe plant, spilling dirt and aloe babies all over your kitchen floor and about how you proceeded to slip on the dirt, thus whacking your head on the edge of the kitchen table and how you now have a lump the size of Nova Scotia on the back of your head and about how you think you are going to drop out of college to become a squirrel herder because you are pretty sure your fall in the kitchen was a “sign.” And, lo and behold, twenty people leave you a comment in the next five minutes.

What the heck?”



dots.. said...

well.. well .. well.. giggle

gossibbbzzz are jucier than "good" information *wink*

MD said...

LOL! Reminds me of Flickr, when people don't comment on a brilliant piece of photograph, instead showering comments on a mobile phone shot of a Dior bag. LOL... ;)

Saloom said...

lol.. thants very funny.. hey, nice redo of the journal, i really like

Seraph said...


yah gossip is jucier but good information is healthier! :p


lol@flickr! lool u compared it well, and ur totally right!


thank u =D