Friday, September 01, 2006

Why be normal...

...when you can be happy?

Why care what other people think? What society forces upon you? What you should believe in opposition to what you'd like to believe?

Why don't you do what you want to do just because it's good for you?

Forget people, think of yourself!


ArabLady said...

Well u can forget them but of course they will not!

haha u will be the hot topic during their gatherings esp if u r a woman

Dots.. said...

think of yourself.. be selfish.. reminds me of one of the debates we had.. definition of selfishness..

think of yourself.. well.. not everyone will understand your need to come back to your private zone.. your comfort zone.. we can't always be lucky enough to think of OURSELVES.. our decisions might in most cases have the effect of the "other" .. other's influence on our decision..

i won't do this because it will hurt whoever.. i will choose this because whoever likes it on me.. u know the rest..

its nice to know that you'd be thinking of yourself for once at least ;)

Seraph said...

LOOOOL arablady that made me laugh! well, i'll just give them something :p to talk about since I have nothing better to do

Dots this other effect is exactly what's got me worked up! Why care about others so much and not go ahead and do things for yourself?! It's not about going back to your private zone and etc., it's about going about doing crazy things that society would frown upon.. who caaaaaaaaaaares about them, have your fun!

UmmAminah said...

Think for yourself, and don't give 'them' anything to say - they'll throw mud at you later on account of one foolish moment of madness - and it will sting and hurt you.

Civilisation is just a more socially acceptable word for hypocrisy

MD said...

I wish it was so easy to forget society's restrictions and all other external factors. Sometimes I want to close my eyes and forget but then suddenly, the chains touch me and remind that I'm still bound.

I would love to be 'normal' if given a choice. Happiness is too distant to be a choice.

Seraph said...


we're all hypocrites =) aren't we? and you're right, people need to be more selfish nowadays


i'd rather be happy than normal.. Believe me, it's the closer choice.. i'm just forced to try and work with society's norms