Sunday, April 30, 2006


When the UAE gives only 1% of it's money to education, it's no wonder that public universities and colleges highly emphasize on English language development skills. Men and women alike are wasting precious years of their lives, all in order to be able to utter one comprehendable sentence in English, while they should be spending them studying in order to go out and work sooner. Because our public schools are not performing to international standards, children are not being prepared for higher education. About a third of the budget used for spending on higher education is being used on teaching students the skills that they should've already learnt at school.

I'd say that out of the one percent that the UAE is spending on education, three quarters of that one percent, or 0.75%, is being spent on higher education, while the smart thing to do would be to spend more money on schools rather than higher education. The UAE has many high school dropouts.

Is one percent really enough? Countries like Brazil and Pakistan spend around 3% on education. I think that the Ministry of Education should get more than a measly one percent (even if it did mean more than 5 billion dirhams in 2003)

I realize that this post has almost no sources to back up the claims, and I hate posting something without proof to back it up, but I think it's safe to say that I'm pretty sure of my claims...


MD said...

Wow. Only 1%? I would like to know if this is official or not ;)

The problem is that UAE spends about 20% of its budget on IT. Surely, the IT infrastructure is pretty good in school and universities, but hollow technology won't suffice. We need good teachers and syllabi. Without a proper education system, no fancy gimmicks work.

We're so close...and yet so far.

MD said...

dots u suck...i win...AGAIN :P

DOtty said...

md i know i suck thank you at least sms me tell me that u won !then i'd run to seraaphs blog on time at least not ages later ! :p

our educaitonal system needs a total makeover.. maybe its better to burn the wezarah down .. and start from scratch.. with youths.. and few TELLECTUALS who are searching for the IN ;)