Friday, April 28, 2006

Fall Off

I have a demented sense of humor, I enjoy laughing at the expense of someone else's humiliation, but you do too. If you want to challenge me:

Watch this movie

I know I haven't been posting much, I've had quite of a rollercoaster ride lately. You'll - inshAllah - be seeing more of me


MD said...

stupid dial-up connection is going to take ages to load the movie, so im going to watch it from work :P

miss u loads, hope u've been well :P

Edward Ott said...

LOL ok yeah that is funny.

Dotts said...


Seraph said...

md.. i miss u too :p i hope u enjoyed the video

lol i guess we share the same sense of humor


MD said...

ok i'm at work right now and LOL i just saw the video :P

i remember putting a fake cockroach in my friend's textbook. i took it to her and said i dont understand the question on she opens to that page. sees the cockroach and SCREAMS and falls alongwith the chair. omg i died laughing hahahhahahahaha :D