Thursday, April 13, 2006

ماشي الحال

ماشي الحال غصب عني بعد يمشي
ضيقة بال وأشيل الهم على رمشي
* * *
حقيقة صعبة أحوالي ولا لي بهالزمن غالي
انا تعبان من نفسي واللي حولي ما يبالي
* * *
مابه خط للرجعة تعبت وفاضت الدمعة
ألا يا من يشيل الهم ويترك للهنى ربعه

I need the person I miss.
I need to leave the place that I'm in, go somewhere else.
I need to finish up.
I need to move on.
I need to stop feeling the way that I'm feeling right now.
Most importantly, I need to know how to get everything that I need.

I need many things... But who's to say that I'll ever get them?

In the end, one thing makes me go on... Particularly this sentence that's been ringing in my ears the past few days, maybe because I felt that it spoke to me, "After every storm, there comes a rainbow."

Breaking the Chains:

"Happiness is a state of mind."

"Take my advice, it's not like I ever use it!"


Dots.. said...

ymshi il 7al .. ! doumah bayamshi..!

masheeha w btamshi .. !

Saloom said...

some rainbows are yet to be seen.. or felt, as it may be.. damn, sometimes i feel like ur talking to me =p

Seraph said...

dots.. inshallah batemshi =)

saloom.. well, i really need to see that rainbow pretty damn soon :p or else i could turn crazy

Anonymous said...

hope this are crakin' now :)

ArabLady said...

why all bloggers tend to have that depressing tone,,,,