Friday, March 31, 2006

Friends are like Chocolates...

...They come in different kinds, sometimes sweet and sometimes bitter, but they all do the same job of filling us up and making us feel warm. They're all good sources of endorphin (the happy chemical).

We have different types of people around us to aid us in this journey that we call life. Family is there for love, colleagues are there for work, lovers are there for security and finally, friends, for support. Of course, lovers and friends can be like family, which means that they give love.

I've always wondered, is classifying friends possible? Categorizing them according to a set criteria in your brain? This criteria is purely yours, each person has his or her own criteria.

Let me share with you my criteria for friends.
Firstly, I have the best friends. They're a few, of course, and each one of them has something that the other lacks. One is good for listening and advice, she's the sound mind; one is such a sweetheart; another is good for just making me laugh and finally, save the best for last as she always says, the take with me everywhere kind of friend. The friend that would do all of the above, be able to mingle with all of the above and also know what I'd be thinking without me having to talk. It could get quite annoying, though, especially when I'd try and hide something from her because she would eventually find out, most probably because I told her willingly. You can say that she's like me in a more advanced and crazy brain, and a different body. It isn't out of the norm if one of us called the other just to say, "It's 11 o'clock and I just finished a full meal of Burger King!" and then hang up, no reason needs to be given.
Secondly, there are the very good friends. We'd care about each other, ask about each other, good listeners and there for support, but not quite graduated to best. Those are a few, too, but their numbers are larger than the best ones.
Finally, the normal friends come. We know each other and trust each other but never graduated to being very supportive to one another even though we wouldn't mind offering a helping hand, but we don't mind each other's company and are fine with talking gibberish and making jokes to one another. We care about each other nonetheless and would probably stand up for one another. It doesn't matter so much if we didn't talk for a long period of time, though.

I think that pretty much sums it up for me, or for my "friend" classification.

I think that we each have our own criteria's and the aforementioned is mine...

God bless them all.

Breaking the Chains:

"A good friend can tell you what is the matter with you in a minute. He may not seem such a good friend after telling."

Arthur Brisbane


Dots.. said...

I love you ... u know when u said the burger king.. i felt i was this close to throw up.. remembered the cheese that day ! Ewwwwwww... bazooooooooo3..

MD .. i won.. but i knew she was updating .. so its not really winning winning.. ! :p

Seraaph.. i'll come back later for my updated version of my comment.

MD said...

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr U CHEATERS :P

MD said...

i think i know that burger king gurl lol..... :P

like u mentioned, we all have different criteria and different types/purposes of friends. for me, my best buds are people who i might not call in two months, but won't suspect an ulterior motive if i call them later. a best bud is also one i can randomly message and say 'oh crap, i need to wax'...or 'oh god im such a fat-ass...i cant fit on this chair' lol..ok not that it has happened :P

i love u sooo very much and i cant tell u how badly i want to pull u out of the chains. i'm thinking of something...and they're not as volatile as dotty's plans, dont worry lol :D

Saloom said...

Wow.. that was moving and touching Seraph.. like really, really nice..
indeed, where would we be without them? those friends who are flawed yet complete each other in their own way..
love ur writing girl.. and so sorry it took me so long to come post something.. but i don't need to explain about university work do i?

Seraph said...


I love you too.. 5effi 3al burger king ;)


and I love you too :p don't worry no one can be as drastic as dots so I know to trust you haha. I'm exactly the same as you btw!!! I'd be totally fine with smsing my friend "OH DAMMIT I THINK A FLY IS STUCK IN MY EYE" *giggles* i hope it won't ever happen


DUDE! nawwar el blog! =D
yes they're flawed but you gotta love them, cause they love you for ur own flaws as well.. i can think of countless flaws for myself in one sitting lol so who am i to judge
come by the blog more often ;) ur visit is a joy

Anonymous said...

Man ... I enjoyed reading this :)