Sunday, March 05, 2006

Parasite of Love

It's a parasite that lacks the gift of speech but sucks on your feelings like a leech.
Try not to fight it, it's hungry and it will drink your emotions in one sip. It force feeds you the love disease noisily and gives you sleepless nights.

The parasite strikes when we least expect it to. If we could control our feelings then we'd feel things that we don't really want to but it's impossible to do that. Love, especially, is the feeling that cannot be controlled at all.

The feeling is beautiful in all of the pain that accompanies the package of course - when both sides want it to happen. But what if they don't want it to happen? Maybe one of the sides doesn't want it or both don't.

When you fall in love because of this insect that is feeding you the "love disease feelings", you have sleepless nights thinking of that person; your eating habits change; you don't fall into the same mundane routine that you've accustomed yourself to daily, your days suddenly seem cheerier and your eye has the cutest glitter that gives your feelings away.
Sounds familiar? If it does, then I'm afraid that the parasite infected you too.

Is there some kind of spray to kill this parasite? Why kill it? Enjoy it if you can, if you have to kill it though then just have faith in Him and then in yourself.
This brings me to:

Factors of Love

Both Sides Want to Love

This factor is lovely, it keeps the feelings in the air and grows with time. The parasite keeps feeding and feeding them at the same time. It might bite instead of feed somewhere as it goes, but that just comes with the package. Love is, after all, a parasite. I never heard of a perfect parasite that didn't accidentally bite instead of feed. It's just normal.

One Side Loves, the Other Side is Oblivious or Is Pushing It Away

This is one of the painful factors. It's what is called a crush for it's not really love if both sides aren't sharing the same feelings. What's a crush? It's a crush when you love someone and they don't love you back, they wouldn't have called it "crush" if it didn't hurt. It could eventually progress to love from both sides or just fade away. Cards need to be dealt right here depending on what needs to be done.

Both Sides Are Trying to Push It Away

This is probably the most painful. It's like a crush but more major because both sides are experiencing the feeling of loving someone but knowing that they can't have them and they both know that they feel the same way about each other which is what makes it even more painful to bear. Here, they can either progress into wanting the parasite to take them over, or in living in the pain for some time until they are numb to the parasite's constant biting. The parasite could get bored and fly away, or just stay there. They'll be able to adapt either way.

The three words themselves are magical and do wonders to the soul:
I Love You

I was told by someone once that when you fall in love for the first time and hear those words for the first time they don't feel as good as you expect them to be. Only when the words come after something happens that proves their care for each other that's when the words make the harp that lines your heart with its strings sing.

The pain that accompanies the last two factors can be dealt with in many ways, here are a few ideas that I thought of to let the parasite know where it should stick itself:

Anti-Love Spray

Go back to your faith. Believe in Him and then in yourself, be confident. Tell yourself that you can and will get over it.
Don't regret what was because then you can't look at what could be.
Remember that when you feel like you reached the worst that you can reach then that means that there's no way but up from there.
Always look for a friend to take it out on, it makes all the difference. Plus, your friend might have good advice to give so that's a bonus in addition to their listening to you.
God puts us in pain because He loves us and because of Him already having written everything for us, He wants to wash away our sins by letting us experience pain because He doesn't want us to experience that pain in the afterlife; He loves us.
Tell yourself to be patient, know that Allah is testing you and He doesn't lose anyone.
Know that there's no such thing as a random act and that everything happens for a reason.
Be sure that everything that happens to you is out of goodness.
Try to eliminate any external influences, anything that might trigger this feeling in you again.
Praying helps.

Love's a beautiful parasite that can get nasty at times. If it gets too nasty, or if the parasite is not wanted, anti-love spray can be used.

If you have any additional ingredients to add to the spray, leave them in the comment box. Or just comment with whatever you want, haha.

Breaking the Chains:

"It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all."
Samuel Butler


Dots said...

MD am first .. :giggle:

Seraaaaaaaaphyyy.. this is one really really lovely update.. i loved it wayid wayid wayid.. !

By any chance did you come across an anti love pain killer or a Fast Releif Tablets? ;)

We feed on love.. i wonder if its a good thing.. but we can't help it .. we open our eyes one day realizing it and then we ask ourselves when did it all happen..! The decisions that follow are what matter !

thanks a lot for the update.. ;)

p.s. putting in mind that i love you, does that mean that i feed on you? :p

MD said...

dotty u devil, u cheated. u msged me AFTER u posted this comment. i will sue u :P

seraph my love: i couldnt agree more! and i think this line sums it all --> Love's a beautiful parasite that can get nasty at times.

one bad experience shouldnt discourage u from loving again. love truly is beautiful but it's such a simple, yet complicated emotion. love can merge with ur soul so easily that even after TWO DAYS of being with someone, it takes months to get over them. yup, two days. ask :P im such a disaster hahahhahaha :D

i love this post but then i love u more. ure officially my parasite now :P

Dots.. said...

yes yes am a devil ! nyahaha.. !

and FYI .. am her parasite ! came first :p

Seraph said...

lool i love u idiots so much ur both my parasites


lol@first.. yal '3ashasheh!

about ur p.s, well i don't know.. wud that make me a parasite? :p

tablet and killer is just like the spray i'd imagine.. just take stronger doses of the spray ;p and it'd transform into tablet or killer, depending on how much u take

asking ourselves when did it happen? my God so true! it's like when on earth was i experiencing all this, where was i when this happened?? :P


she's such a cheater isn't she? :p we'll get back at her! next time u better let me post on ur blog before her next time ahahahaha

love knows no time, no place nor situation. it could happen between two ppl who thought that that would be the last thing that would ever happen between them!