Friday, December 09, 2005

Breaking the Chains

I wanted to write something about breaking chains, but I didn't know what to write, so I asked an angel that owns a big part of my heart of what to write, and she said,
write how free we might seem or look yet we have chains all
over us .. big chains and really tiny invisible chains chains even in our
hearts.. souls .. some of which we can break so easily but some we simply
struggle or loose hope in breaking them.. some could be broken mby a sweet word,
a sweet guesture .. others.. you need a lot of convincing.. where is the key of
these chains.. and who
chained us.
And that settled it, so I will.

Why does the caged bird sing? It looks around, in hopes of getting out it first scratches the cage with its beak until it bleeds; then, it flies around the cage to see if there could be an exit somewhere, a little open door that was forgotten. It is vicious and ferocious at that time. After giving up, the bird starts to greive its existence in this cage, knowing that it's almost impossible to leave it. It looks outside the cage, and wonders how it would feel like to be free again. It then starts singing, a melodious chirp that beautifully paints a wide grin on people's faces. Isn't it strange how a sadness is the cause of someone else's happiness?

There's this Arabic poem with a line that says, "Don't mistake my laughter between you as a joyous chirp, for a bird could be dancing from the horrendous pain." I like to think that this line relates to a lot of people who mask their pain with a smile on their face, maybe by using a red marker to draw that smile and hide those tears. Exactly like clowns, they smile a smile that was forced, not one that was drawn by happy (or maybe endorphic) feelings.

Someone - angelic - summed that up pretty well:
These days, the clowns i know are people with a painted
smile on their faces and yet a depressed soul...People who'd tell you they are
fine.. who'd act like they are fine.. yet we all know.. me, you, and them that
they are not at all "fine". They hide behind the painted smile and the red nose.
Is that a good sheild ? Not when our souls know them so very well to a limit
that they could see beyond those colors and paints.. !Don't we all do that? Act
like those kind of clowns? Maybe we should learn how to be a clown with a saying
;) Who knows.. we might be rich :p

Maybe someone should get a file, and file our way out of this mess, out of the mental chains that we granted ourselves that were caused by the chains that society locked us in and family, by turn, made the lock tighter with. A file would just make a mess though, it would leave scratches and a big trail of metal dust. Of course, the process would be tedious and would take ages, no one said that metal is easy to break, it needs a lot of patience and strength.

Easier yet, just find the key to unlocking the chain to unlock it at once instead of trying to use brawn and physical strength. Brain overcomes brawn and makes it easier to unlock hidden mysteries, lost keys to chains being one of them. So it's a matter of choice really, either find the key and expect a few scratches in searching for them here and there, or go through the long and tedious process of filing them. Filing is easier of course, as you will get what you want in the end: Freedom. Brains are the smarter choice, cause if we were to get lucky then we'd find the key, and if not then it was simply a waste of time.

I'd choose brains, for I believe that nothing is a lost cause; anything and everything has an answer to it.

Welcome to my blog!

I'm Seraphic and I'm locked in tight chains, trying to untighten the knot as I go on.

Breaking the Chains:

"For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others."
Nelson Mandela


DoTs said...

Usually when i read your writings i have to do it in a couple of times... first time to get to know the idea.. of course skipping those lines that so called "angelic" person wrote :p but first i get the idea.. then i read thoroughly.. then i become a selective reader.. i read bits and parts and really digest them so perfectly well..

I love the way you symbolize .. the queen of symbols you are ;) the filing part was just so lovely i kept reading it over and over again..

if only we are born with a file in our hands ;)

You.. the free spirit thats locked in chain my dear.. believe it or not but you unchained a lot.. am sure you'd unlock those tight chains soon.. :)

God Bless You Angel :)

Seraph said...


lol r my writings that complicated

sweets you helped unchain a lot too, i'm glad for the outer influences that help unlock chains :) and i'm grateful that you're one of them.

God bless u too