Saturday, December 24, 2005

Have Faith, You Win a Little and Lose a Little

Sometimes you'd want to forget about people you used to love, or still love, because thinking about them would hurt you because you know in your deepest of deep hearts that you shouldn't go on. You know this especially when you loved them so much and they didn't return those feelings, or claim to yet don't show them.

I just wrote this last night, albeit not one of my best yet just needed to let it out:

Sweet heart, do not fall
For a memory long past
Instead look beyond the horizon
For a future that will last
Don't deny that you cannot love
Then that would mean to hate
And if you say neither exist
Then our existence overstayed its due date


Sometimes, I would fill myself with rage
For fear that I would receive unreturned feelings
But now I think that there is no such thing as unreturned feelings
The pay is certain - one way or another
It let me write these words

The stars are seperating them, each is a different entry.

Breaking the Chains:

"It is better to have loved and lost than never to have lost at all."

Samuel Butler


dots said...

Though i thought you were the Samuel Butler men kthr ma knti tgoolein this same quote.. sub7an allah shga 6la3 a9lan a quote by 7ad .. am i makin sense :gig: 3adi am not myself today.

A9lan ana asta3ba6 3ashan i dont reply 3ala your words..

bs i believe there are shooting stars.. they can link between two stars..

Seraph said...

5thi ra7atch do wtever u want hun.. i'm just glad to see you in such a good mood!!!

i like what you said about shooting stars linking between two, hmmm maybe they can be linked