Saturday, December 10, 2005

It Takes Two to Tango

In all relationships, be them friendship or love or a parent/child relationship, even business relationships, whenever something goes hayward there are always two sides to blame. Granted, one of the partners of tango could be worst than the other in dancing tango, so that partner takes the other one down with him/her. Sometimes, though, one of the partners would stick the blame to him/herself, thinking that all the blame should be situated towards him/her when in fact what they're doing is just carrying their blame and the other party's blame, and that's the most common case with the thoughtful people that I know; others, though, would throw all the blame on the other partner - completely disregarding their great influence in the fact that the relationship or whatever it is went down - and exit the place as a completely innocent angel who had nothing to do with whatever happened. It usually happens when they try to escape the consequences of tangoeing and screwing up at that dance that they don't accept full responsibility by throwing all the responsibility on the other person.

I once read something that I really liked, it's always said that whenever someone complains about their being no people in a photo you should reply, "There are always two people in a photo, the photographer and the viewer." Maybe if we took that saying literally, portrait photos would include all types of photos.

The point is: just like tango, it takes two nations to form peace between them, it takes two partners to make a relationship work or be destroyed, it takes two to make and/or destroy something. All that you need is to find a partner that is at the same level as you are in dancing tango, not less than you so that your partner takes you both down, and not more than you so that you take your partner down. One of you could even be dancing to a different song. Sometimes, it could be the same song, but the two of you simply don't dance with each other, you're each lost in your own rhythm. Your partner might step on your foot or you step on your partner's foot once in awhile because one of you had to trip. It's sometimes funny though, how it's not the loser that tripped.

Breaking the Chains:

"If it weren't for my lawyer, I'd still be in prison, it went a lot faster with two people digging."

Joe Martin


dots said...

"There are always two people in a photo, the photographer and the viewer." This is a really interesting concept... as much as we spoke about it takes two to tango yet after reading what you wrote i sort of got new thoughts too..the fact that we can be tangoeing < sp > and yet, each on a different rythm is an interesting concept.

oh .. ma getlich.. mabrook 3alaich il blog :p

Seraph said...

yah i always liked that idea mal el two people in a photo!
tangoeing is a big and detailed process, i wrote very little

Allah ybaarek feech lol, thanks