Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Feeling Down Remedy: A Spoonful of Positive Thinking

We all go through bad times every once in a while, for this is life and in life there come the good times with the bad. The real challenge in facing bad situations, though, is how to deal with them. We are created to learn not to pause. To keep thinking of it is a recipe to disaster, and planning on how to overcome it is the recipe to success; that is, success in feeling better and moving on. Forget about the past and think about the future, but don't fear it just think of it in positive terms and you will gain the fruit of your effort that way.

I recently went through something that absolutely shook me and also made me take a life changing decision in the process. To be miserable in the beginning is natural, it's just human nature to want to take it out. After taking it out comes the proccess of thinking, first of all thinking of how to avoid experiencing a similar situation in the future; next, thinking of how to overcome this miserable state and how to move on. Finally, we move on and that's the end of that; of course, we keep smiling!

In taking it out:
Having a friend to talk about it with is a really good way of taking it out, you feel like half of your worries vanish when you do that. Other ways can be taking it out by thinking about it or by writing; writing really does help to vend off some steam. Also, reading pieces - especially ones with soothing words - can be extremely helpful. Going back to the Quran and praying a lot is extremely reassuring too.

In overcoming it:
We shouldn't let it control us - that is, form our lives due to its happening - and we should break the chains that it tries to wrap around us. Busying ourselves with other things is one thing that really helps; take out that list of things to do that you never really got around to doing and start doing some of them. Cook, garden, read, write, hang out with friends and enjoy your time. There are countless activities to do when you think of it, you just have to want to do them in order to have a good time and possess a large grin on your face (which is pretty easy to do, you just stretch your lips!). Someone once told me that bubble baths work wonders. Oh, and by thinking that it will be okay then it will be okay!

In moving on:
Just have the will to do it, and be strong because you can overcome anything once you set your mind to it. Nothing is worth being miserable, and only positive thinking and good blueprinting that things will turn out fine and having the knowledge that everything happens for a reason is what will help you move on. Keep imagining yourself in another situation, and compare your situation with someone in a worst situation, believe me it really makes you feel better about yourself and your situation, it makes it seem small compared to that one!

In the Chinese language, words are always made up of two things. The word "crisis" is made up of the words "opportunity" and "danger". Now that the danger is over, take the opportunity to learn from it; learn how to challenge yourself in overcoming it and how to avoid it in the future, plus, look for other lessons for it's always the hidden and seemingly insignificant lessons that make all the difference.

Things are meant to be, be them good or bad; yet usually, they always turn out for the best. And so, have faith in your Creator for He loves you. And whenever you feel like you reached the most miserable state ever then know that after every climax there comes a decline, and after every worst miserable state there comes a decline and happiness is to come.

I've lived through all of the above and I can really base it on every bad situation I've been through. Thank you, to everyone who stood by me and helped me through this, I really appreciate it. Outside help makes all the difference on the inside.

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Breaking the Chains:

"If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment."

Marcus Aurelius Antoninus


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dots said...

dont forget the " better than panadol " remedie.. "besmillah allathi la ya'6or ma3a ismihi shay2 fil ar'6 wala fil sama2 wahowa al samee3 al 3aleem"

my dear.. am glad you managed to pull yourself together and be strong.. i always have faith in your abilities. :)

why did i imagine you'd spare a new blog for the crisis word?
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Seraph said...

Thank you for being one of the strongest forces that helped me pull myself together in this.

about the new blog for crisis.. falich 6ayeb ;) ... in the coming update inshallah



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