Friday, January 06, 2006

Dreams... Do they ever come true?

Man dreamt of flying; if he spoke of it before the industrial revolution or at the start of it, people laugh and scoff at his ridiculousness. Flying was absolutely unheard of, only birds flew! He never gave up on his dream though, he kept it and passed it on to generations to come.
The first man to ever try flying was an Arab, he invented this contraption that was made of wings that he could attach to his arms. He went up a high building and attempted to fly. His attempt, though, had a tragic result.
That didn't stop man from dreaming... By the early 1900's man finally came up with a device that could take him up into the air. The results of dreaming could be extremely satisfying. With pure determination and a strong will to make things happen, the wildest dreams come true. They just need a sound mind, powerful perseverance and the courage to take them on and to overcome the fear of failing. Nothing happens without a few (even tragic) failures at the beginning of them.

Will my dream ever come true?
I dream of a fresh start, a new hope and a stronger backbone to an excellent future. I might hold the abilities needed, yet I just need a consent. I pray so hard for it to happen, and I know of the negative aspects but I am very much prepared to battle them in order to get to what I'm looking for.
Because I am afraid of taking that dream, and afraid of acting on it, in my mind's eye I picture the dream as a fantasy that will never happen...

A handsome face that holds a strong jaw, has sparkling blue eyes that lie beneath a helmet that is crafted from the finest iron, and an air of respect spread to those who come near takes on a quest; the quest of taming a unicorn. He searches tediously for the damned unicorn until he finally gains the fruit of his efforts.
He gawks at the unicorn, in awe of the magnificient beauty that is in his presence. While taking one final look at the bewitching creature, he takes out his glitzing sword and then closes his eyes as he mounts it. Surprisingly, it didn't fight him nor try and shake him off. It simply obliged, and flew him back to his homeland, where he had something to show for the dangerous quest that he had taken.

Maybe such accomplishments only exist in fairytales, where love can conquer all, where peace lives every where, where one can be six and where hair can grow as long as a few kilometers and even more.. All depending on the length of the imagination a person wants to take it to.

Are dreams the harvest of a wild imagination? Can they only somewhat be put into action? And most importantly, can they and will they ever come true?

I suppose that the answers to these questions lie in taking actions that will underline them... to see whether they can exist as a reality or not. It's worth the high risk of dissapointment.
Now all that's needed is a bit of courage.

Breaking the Chains:

"You see things; and you say, 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say, 'Why not?'"

George Bernard Shaw


MD said...

dreams make the soul breathe. without dreams, we'd be hollow humans and aimless wanderers. dreams give us a peek into what's coming up. or what may come up. they show us the endless opportunities and possibilities that life can hold for us.

i completely agree abt the 'needing consent'. i am going thru it and im battling it. that's why every small accomplishment of mine is so precious to me (whether others ignore or forget it). only i know what it means. the 'basics' that others have (not materialistically speaking), are a luxury to me. i fought to be educated - to be allowed to complete my 4 yrs at uni since my parents deemed it useless.

things always change. they are never changing. if we get stuck in a moment or a phase, nothing will move because ur soul has stopped dreaming and it has stopped believe in the magic of dreams.

of course, some dreams might border on the 'ridiculous'...but nevertheless dreams come true. and there's a very very special element to it if ur soulmate supports and believes what u do. but that takes time. u just have to be patient and things will fall into place.

life's a puzzle. it's scattered and all we need is TIME. all the times...that's only what we need. time heals, scars and changes everything. it's unimaginable to the limited perspective that we have been blessed with as humans.

ur dreams will come true (inshallah) because ur spirit is pure and u are willing to go that extra mile.

MD said...

*sorry for silly typos. i didnt proof-read :P

Seraph said...

thank you so much for your kind words, they really made my day.

time sure is needed to get something accomplished, it's just a question of are you willing to go through that time and struggle alongside it in order to acheive what you seek.

funny how we both define the 'needing consent' in the exact same way; i thought that it would've been misunderstood by most. every small accomplishment of mine is so precious to me as well, because - like you - i fought to get what i have

i just sometimes fear that i'm not fighting enough.. that i am capable of more and are yet ignoring it my abilities to do something and make something out of my life that is possible to do had i enough courage.