Thursday, January 05, 2006

Pen and Paper

I strive to reach a successful future in writing; writing poetry, short stories, novels... etc.

My success is an elusive baloon, waiting for me to grab it, floating from side to side with the wind, across oceans, big green meadows, trees and brooks, rustic pastoral scenes and rain-swept sidewalks. First high, barely visible, far out of reach, then low, almost within reach, blown here and there by the vagaries of a playful wind, a wind one moment heartless and sadistic, the next gently compassionate. The wind of fate, and in it rests our lives.

Dear brown penny, at the bottom of the well,
will I ever find heaven in this forsaken hell?
My soul's slowly drifting like dust in the wind
My heart's dead, that's why I tread on all that's sin
So I ask, brown penny, will I love again?
I truly fear you'll answer, so I'll drop my pen...

-drops pen-

-picks up pen again-

I still cling onto hope, like a child on a blouse
Only to expose cleavage that seizes to arouse
I took the leap of faith and broke both my legs

And just like Humpty Dumpty, faith breaks like an egg
So all of a cupid's arrows and all encouraging men,
can't put my broken heart back together again!

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They're writings such as the above poem that give me the will and inspiration needed to keep on writing and aspiring for to sketch and create such a beautiful piece. Also, learning swift tricks and tips such as how important descriptions are in writing is one sure way of developing and progressing towards a better future, no matter how hazy it seems at the present, for it's just a few steps at a time. The smallest things do make the largest differences.

Pen and paper, as simple as you may be
You still give others the chance to see
The feelings, expressions and ideas
Experienced and lived, shared with glee

Take my hand and take me far away; not too far to escape from reality, yet far enough to experience an overwhelming feeling of euphoria. Just give me that rush as I hear your soft scratches brushing over the paper, ever so gently. Perhaps this quick rush of feelings - like those experienced when having a crush on someone - is just what I needed to add a bit of spice to my day.

Breaking the Chains:

"Beneath the rule of men entirely great,
The pen is mightier than the sword."

Edward Bulwer-Lytton


Dots said...

I close my eyes and can see you as an award winning writer.. yet when i open my eyes i see a really talented poet and a writer that teaches me something new everytime i read her writings..

I loved the poem too... very beautifully said.. and artisticly too.. your attempt was a cute one.. though i believe you could do better ;) right? :p

thats your objecitve for this year.. develop your writings and win an award this year... ;)

Seraph said...

award winning.. hmm that's a bit far to reach :p but why not one day. at the moment i'm just aspiring for publication

my attempt was just a two minute thing, i was going to add that it sucked underneath lol. yeah i can do better i just didnt give it much thought

thank u so much for ur endless support =D

MD said...

when u stand outside the window with wet eyes, wondering why ur heart feels so static whilst the world outside is zooming past you, leaving its vibrations within ur body. the tear trickles down as u glare down at the invisible chains that bind ur feet.

in that moment of being cornered by ur own thoughts, ur mind swiftly stops on the pen. it's ONLY a pen. a mass-manufactured product that can cost as least as 50fils...yet it soars ur soul to the highest of points and pushes the void out of ur life. it lets u breathe. it gives u a taste of freedom and makes u forget abt the chains.

u my dear...have the pen. u have the words and ur soul has the magic. ur words are beautiful and i know u will achieve of dream of being a writer. the world is waiting for u to take them on a trip to heaven.

i'll be waiting for that day too.

Seraph said...

And I'll be waiting for the day that you will take your own pen and break your invisible chains.

I love the way you described the pen as being such a simple object that can make a large difference... I've always believed that they're the smallest things that matter the most.

u and dots both inspire me with ur beautiful writings.. o mashallah 3leich u have such an appealing writing style.
may we all acheive our dreams =)

MD said...


Fedo said...

Omg, you linked me. :| I'm speechless.