Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Eye of the Beholder

They say that beauty is in the eye of its beholder. I believed in that saying.

Once, during high school, I made something for the art class. My teacher told me that she didn't like it and that it wasn't art, I told her that art is in the eye of the beholder; she replied with, "No, beauty is." And that really made me think...

What is art, really, if not a form of expressing yourself in? In university I've learnt that one famous artist defined art as a form that should answer three questions: What is the artist trying to express? Does he or she succeed? Was it worth the effort?

I've also learnt that art cannot truly be defined because people's standards for judging what is or is not art are completely subjective. Now that, I classify as beauty because what is beauty completely depends on how a person perceives it.

So is art in the eye of its beholder? Is it a piece of art if the artist intends it to be so? We all have different eyes, different ways of analyzing and judging things...

Your friend's are others' enemies, and your enemies could be friends with your friends.

What may be beauty or art to me could be a useless piece of junk to you.

Inspiring People:

Dots: Sweet thing and always there for me! 7ejjin mabroor o thanbin ma'3foor, missing you. Trdeen bil salameh inshallah
MD: Ever ;) the great thinker and deep swimmer, thank you for sharing your priceless gifts of knowledge
Insomniac: Good listener and great at giving advice, thank you so much.
Someone: For your skill at drawing smiles on people's faces with your brush ;) that spills laughter

Breaking the Chains:

"Art is the desire of a man to express himself, to record the reactions of his personality to the world he lives in."

Amy Lowell


MD said...

awwww ok first, im HONORED that u mention me there :$ *blush*


secondly, a very good subject u have here. i always wonder why is art what it is. there are 'masterpieces' i look at and i wonder 'gosh whats so artistic about this'. the art world orbits around monalisa, yet i think i've seen so many more intricate paintings. why arent they as famous?

similarly, since i am more into the literary world than art (in its graphic form)...i would mention that when i took American Literature at university, we studied poems by Gertrude Stein and i was horrified. i told my instructor that if THIS is literature, then my poems should be published in literary books too LOLLLL :P and then i asked him why were these poems and short stories considered literary masterpieces. were they born at the right time? if i was born in 1880 and wrote my poems back then, would i have been the emily dickinson of the arab world?!

but the sticky part is that we are all individuals, no matter how similar we are. i love ur words and there are SO many aspects about ur writings that i can relate to, yet u manage to surprise me with the thoughts. that is because u mention such trivial things that i do notice, yet i forget to give them credibility by writing or thinking more about them. do u get what i mean or have i lost u in blabber-space :P

thats why...i agree when u say that all of us have different eyes and different ways of looking at things. different things mean different things to us. our backgrounds are different. our life is different and our experiences are different so we look at everything around us from the context of our life.

art is what u can relate to. whether it's the colour or the words or the general/specific idea that it represents.

but to classify art on a larger classifying it as 'art' globally would be a question mark. to me at least. i dont see anybody being credible enough to judge my work. only god and i know the intensity of the feelings and my reason behind writing what i do. no one else can judge me. so will my stuff never be called art?!

should i really have been born in 1880. I KNEW IT. I KNEW IT. i was born in the wrong age :P

Seraph said...

you know i think that the art world orbits around the mona lisa due to its mysterious exterior! for example, try and cover the left half of her face with ur hand and look at her mouth, then do the same thing only cover her right half now. One half tells you she's smiling, the other half tells you she's frowning.

I, like you, am more into the literary form of art. Funny thing :p about Gertrude Stein LOL, i actually googled her and ur right her writings are absolutely horrific!!! Damn we can do a much better job LOOL.
Really makes you wonder what made her famous?? Did someone who was dazzled by her pieces force others to promote her or something? lol

i do get what you're saying :p about surprising u with the smallest things. U know, u do the same thing too, u'd talk about things that would surprise me, which is what gives you such a lasting appeal.

u see i didn't really think of the differences of perception in that context; each person coming from a different background and thus relating the piece of art to themselves.. well i guess art is a form of expression that reflects on the thoughts of the artist who gained these thoughts after coming from such and such background.

i absolutely loved what you said about it being only God and yourself know the intensity of ur feelings and reasons behind what you do.
lol maybe nothing should be classified as art or not haha.. usually i guess the most common thing that judges seek is genius. for example, genius in the mona lisa is the fact that she's smiling/frowning at the same time, and the way her hands are exquisitely drawn; or maybe a shakespearean piece, where all human emotions would be addressed (not everyone did that). but is it only genius that classifies something as art? it could look pretty or ugly, but it's art if the artist intended it to be so!

lol let's both :p go back in time and get our poems published, we'd be famous!!!