Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Wars of the Digital Age

We have google on one side, weighing in 800 pounds with a height of 6 feet.
Microsoft and Yahoo are on the other side of the ring, weighing in at 700 pounds each with a height of 7 feet for Microsoft and 5"9' for Yahoo.

This is how it really is behind these digital giants, if they were boxers.. You'd see them at each other's throats!

Just five years ago, Microsoft Corp. was considered the Big Bad Wolf of the media business.

Armed with a stockpile of cash and the Windows operating system that dominates office computing, Bill Gates' company was expected to huff and puff its way into America's living rooms as well, with video game consoles, home networking systems and TV set-top boxes.

But today, there's a different wolf at the door. Although Microsoft is still flush with $40 billion in cash, it is Google Inc. that the media industry fears most. So intense is Google-fueled paranoia, in fact, that industry watchers believe the Internet search giant could drive profound changes in the media, entertainment and technology landscape in 2006.

Taken from this article, which will tell you why in details...

To sum it up, though:
Google is making new and cheap PCs that will be sure to rock the world of Microsoft blind and have Bill Gates and crew look for other ways to regain its top position in the digital market. They're already doing ridiculous things, albeit smart ones.. Microsoft trying to buy yahoo for 80 billion (more than three quarters of its original cost) and Yahoo declined saying that the price wasn't enough. Google is offering loads of free stuff, gmail for one! 2 gegabytes of free space, 2 GB, for free! Msn hotmail only offers as much as 250 MB, and that's only if you were a U.S. resident.

I wonder who will win in the long run.
Anyway, it's doing us consumers real good.. The more competition, the cheaper products will be in order to let consumers want to buy their brand.

Breaking the Chains:

"One is left with the horrible feeling now that war settles nothing; that to win a war is as disastrous as to lose one."

Agatha Christie


Dots said...

Google? Computers? Laptops?

Though am a toshiba/sony loyal customer bs hmmmm... if google managed to convince me (which is he is doing so far) then i might be a googleholic :p

But i do believe that google would manage to win the "long run" war in tech age with microsoft.. !

Seraph said...

i believe so too! google's been doing a great job at a much cheaper rate.. it's bound to win somehow!

i think i might be interested in checking this laptop when it comes out in the market