Friday, January 13, 2006

My Life's Like a Dream

You know when you have the strangest dreams, and they sometimes are one of the funniest dreams you have ever had? You might see your university building name label which used to have a letter on it change to have one of your friend's names' on it. You might dream that you saw someone you missed so much in one of the most awkward situations imaginable. You might also dream that you are watching yourself sleeping...

With dreams, you have those funny situations that sometimes happen for no reason. Maybe your body wanted to laugh, so your subconscious gave it that laugh. Sometimes, though, things haunt you in your dreams. You get nightmares that wake you up in the middle of the night in such a deep sweat that you'd rather spend the rest of the night awake than go back to sleep and risk having that nightmare again. Your nerves simply can't take it.

Of course, there are the peaceful dreams too, where you'd be running through pastoral fields without a care in the world. Or, perhaps, hovering over clouds. Touching the soft cotton candy, and feeling the sun's rays play with your skin.

Now the subconscious is a very powerful tool. This is demonstrated in the following chosen excerpts derived from the book blink by Malcolm Gladwell:

In September of 1983, an art dealer by the name of Gianfranco Becchina approached the J. Paul Getty Museum in California. He had in his possession, he said, a marble statue dating from the sixth century BC. It was what is known as a kouros - a sculpture of a nude male youth standing with his left leg forward and his arms at his sides. There are only about two hundred kouroi in existence, and most have been recovered badly damaged or in fragments from grave sites or archeological digs. But this one was almost perfectly preserved. It stood close to seven feet tall. It had a kind of light-colored glow that set it apart from other ancient works. It was an extraordinary find. Becchina's asking price was just under $10 million.The Getty moved cautiously. It took the kouros on loan and began a thorough investigation.
Where and when had the statue been found? No one knew precisely, but Becchina gave the Getty's legal department a sheaf of documents relating to its more recent history.
Fourteen months after their investigation of the kouros began, they agreed to buy the statue. In the fall of 1986, it went on display for the first time.
The kouros, however, had a problem. It didn't look right. The first to point this out was an Italian art historian named Federico Zeri, who served on the Getty's board of trustees. When Zeri was taken down to the museum's restoration studio to see the kouros in December of 1983, he found himself staring at the sculpture's fingernails. In a way he couldn't immediately articulate, they seemed wrong to him. Evelyn Harrison was next.
"Arthur Houghton, who was then the curator, took us down to see it," Harrison remembers. "He just swished a cloth off the top of it and said, 'Well, it isn't ours yet, but it will be in a couple of weeks.' And I said, 'I'm sorry to hear that.'" What did Harrison see? She didn't know. In that very first moment, when Houghton swished off the cloth, all Harrison had was a hunch, an instinctive sense that something was amiss.
A few months later, Houghton took Thomas Hoving [...] down to the Getty's conservation studio to see the statue as well. Hoving always makes a note of the first word that goes through his head when he sees something new, and he'll never forget what that word was when he first saw the kouros. "It was 'fresh' - 'fresh,'" Hoving recalls. And "fresh" was not the right reaction to have to a two-thousand-year-old statue.
the Getty's case began to fall apart. The letters the Getty's lawyers used to carefully trace the kouros back to the Swiss physician [...] turned out to be fake.
When [...] - all the others - looked at the kouros and felt an "intuitive repulsion," they were absolutely right. In the first two seconds of looking - in a single glance - they were able to understand more about the essence of the statue than the team at the Getty was able to understand after fourteen months.

Thus, the power of the subconscious mind. The power of the first two seconds, the first glance, the first impression that you get from a person - you just have that strange feeling about them and you can't trust them because of it.

Yes, the subconscious mind truly is a powerful tool. It gives our body what our conscious minds cannot; the ability to know with feelings. It also makes our bodies face our fears that are needed in order to struggle and be able to survive by haunting our dreams, or gives us the peace our body needs.

Our lives are ruled by the subconscious. They're like dreams... in their funny situations, tense and nightmarish ones and the good peaceful ones. We feed on them, they're what give us hope.
They also define who we are.

My life's like a dream; I can't help but wonder whose it is, and whether they're enjoying it.

Breaking the Chains:

"They say dreams are the windows of the soul--take a peek and you can see the inner workings, the nuts and bolts."

Henry Bromel


MD said...

dreams are an enigma. they communicate through a cryptic language and even a silent image in a dream can hold so much depth and insight to our life.

during my clinical depression phase, i had a string of dreams that lasted 4 months. it all started when i saw (in my dream) that i woke up around 2-3am to go to the bathroom and the bathroom was very dimly lit...and the sink and tub were filled with water. there were charred animals floating on it.

whoever i asked abt that dream, told me that seeing dead animals meant it's beginning of a new phase in ur life. but every night i would see such horrific dreams that would shake me to the core. so i became an insomniac. i would sleep half n hour the whole day or go sleepless for two whole days because i was too frightened to close my eyes. i was too scared to dream.

each time i woke up, i wanted to cry because i felt so weak. my own mind was my enemy. once i dreamt that i was in a huge green field which faced water. it was the most gorgeous shade of blue i had ever seen in my life. there was no human in sight and i walked the fields and in the water. it felt so perfect. im sure i must have physically smiled while dreaming. until. in the dream, suddenly i see a room and i enter the room and it only has one tap. i open the tap to drink water or to wash my feet (i cant remember)...and instead of water...blood flows.

and i wake up abruptly.

then i had some very freaky gothic dreams. seeing people in kandooras but with real hardcore and scary gothic make-up on. and i felt like i was cornered and they kept laughing at me.

there are so so so many more dreams i can think of. but the ones that i hold dearly are the ones i had of my grandmom and my uncle. i dreamt of my uncle's death almost 7 hours before he passed away. i couldnt see his face in the dream so i didnt even (in my wildest thoughts) think it'd be him. but when i saw his body...the dream flashed in my mind and i saw his face clearly. i saw him twice again after his death and he looked so young and healthy mashallah. it just gives me hope to think he is fine, inshallah.

i dreamt of my grandmom during my depression phase. she was looking out from a glass window. she was wearing clean and nice clothes...yet she had a look of sadness on her face. so in the morning...i woke up with my head feeling really heavy. i wondered why she was sad. until it struck me so deep. when i remembered her facial expression...i realized that the sadness was not hers. she was not sad. i made her sad. the sadness was for me. she was sad at my state, at what i was doing to myself. i never saw her again but the dreams i had after that...and especially one that felt so real - were all abt praying and being closer to God. i wasn't regular with my prayers and i was finding peace in music and stuff.

damn...the subconscious really does wonders. it can actually make or break ur mindset.

Dots said...

OKay now this felt like reading two interesting articles that makes you go like "i wanna hug them bothhhhh"

Does anyone of you dream that they fell of something or tripped and actually physically they would wake up ?

I used to have a dream when i was a kid .. that freaked me 3adil 3adil..

i feel like i wanna read this post with MD's comment again !

Seraph said...

You're right about the subconscious MD, it can actually make or break your mindset. But it makes me wonder why does it do that to your body? Do you actually want it to happen without knowing it? Maybe your subconscious is just doing this because it wants to show you something that you already know yet are not in full awareness of. Maybe it wants you to come out of denial too.
I really don't know I could be saying a load of crap here lol, but I do believe in it.
You know.. two weeks after my Grandma died I dreamt that I was in a hospital, and that she was in the room next to mine. I had nothing on but a towel wrapped around my body that I held onto with one hand. I walked up and looked into the other room to see her talking on her cell phone and looking so healthy! (she died from a coma and didn't look so healthy during that stage). After she finished talking, she closed the phone and got up and stood in front of me. She then extended her hand as if to give me something, I never saw what it was. She then just kept looking at me... Not one word was exchanged between us during that dream.
I've been told that if you dream of a dead person, if they give you something that means that it's something great, like a new life in the family or a large income or something. But, if they take something from you, anything at all, that means that you will either die or fall into a deep and bad sickness.
My mom had had two miscarriages by that point, and we all desperately wanted kids. Now el7mdillah, we have 3 babies :) rocking the household with their little screams mashAllah.
I've had many other dreams too...

Dots, i know what you mean :p haa jenni yl3ab eb m5ch he visited u in ur dream lol, I remember once hearing that in a lecture. I've had wayd dreams chi. It means aneh shai6an fi 7lmch o yals yl3ab ysaweebch chi.